I Got A Bambu Labs P1S

This last week I got myself an early Birthday present!

A Bambu Labs P1S 3D printer and WOW it is impressive. I have been printing every day since I got it on Tuesday. 😜 I already have a CR20 Pro and have been tinkering with it for years. This new printer takes the tinker out of the printer and just let’s you create.

I have been making a few things for my RCs and thought I would share them here and give an opportunity for folks to get in on the fun for cheap.

I found some stands on Thingiverse and modified them a little to fit my needs. Now I can make them customized with logos and names. (I have no affiliation with any logos and only use what I made for myself as an example)

I also have custom RC license plates as well.

I can put whatever word one would like on it. The plates in the pictures are not painted. I have a few colour combos I can do as well even ones that glow in the dark and change colour with temperature.

Message me here if you are interested.

$10 for an RC stand (Black with a word or logo in a different colour)
$3 for a custom plate. (You choose the colours)
Colors available: Red, Blue, White, Black, and Gold. Add Glowing or colour changing green for $1 more.

These are by pick up only and will not be shipped.

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