Base Camp Transformation

I recently tried to sell my Axial Base Camp on Facebook but there was really no interest at all from folks. I think this rig is greatly misunderstood so I decided to take the listing down and make it into what I wanted to get/have instead.

The Base Camp starts out as just a “Base” model RTR SCX10 III. It is fairly easy to wrench on.

The stock brushed motor in it is good but as we all know, stock motors eventually fail or just don’t meet our demand. the other electronics are ok but they will likely share the same fate.

I like the original body and bumpers but transforming this rig into a new truck meant that some changes were needed.

I 3D printed the rear bumper in silver and painted it black so when it is scratched, the silver will show. I got a new metal bumper for the front that is smaller as well. This prevented me from needing to cut the stock bumpers to shape.

I got a Proline Cliffhanger body and painted it Candy Apple Blue which turned dark purple when the black backer was applied. (Lessons, right!) I replaced the motor and ESC with a Hobbywing Fusion SE 2 in 1 and replaced the stock steering servo with that 35Kg one from Amazon. (I chose this servo since it is really good and I have them in my Capra. They are strong and have done really well.)


I have made a few other minor changes like adding shock keys and redistrubuting wiring and battery placement as well so the CG and weight distrabution is better.

Now, all I need to do is run it! I have tested it a bit but I need to take it out to Mini AZ or on our next meetup.

As always, If you are local to Lethbridge or within 50Km please join us on our Facebook group here.

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