Glenn’s Capra Gets Some Upgrades

Got some Desert Lizard 100mm shocks from my buddy and crafted a nice antennae from a guitar string and a bolt attached it with a small metal clamp that I made from a picture frame hanger. It looks good but let’s see how it holds up on a tumble.

Found a new place to go crawl over on the west side in Garry Station. Might head there this weekend if it doesn’t rain.

And of course I’ll be at Mini Arizona too.

I put my Base Camp up for sale so I can get a Vanquish VS 4-10 RTR later this summer but not hits on it yet. I’ll wait until this weekend and take it down if no one wants it. I have some thoughts on how to transform it 😜

It is on marketplace if anyone is interested.

Cheers for now!

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